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After three years as Minorcan Mama, it turns out that I am much better at keeping up with the Facebook Front Porch than the Blog, which was why I created a FB profile in the first place, to link my writing. But it turns out that life gets busy and kids need to be fed and a million other things yank your attention away from your hobbies (such as writing) or your "self-care" (such as writing). And you know what, that's okay. I had so many ideas of what my life would look like and only a scant few have panned out, but this life that I am actually living is far richer, and deeper, and more beautiful than I could have planned. Does it look Pinterest-worthy or Mom Blog perfect, heck no, but underneath it, it is truly beautiful. A lot of it was born out of mess, literal mess, metaphorical mess, and every other mess you can think of, but that's where I have found joy. Sitting in the tough spots and looking around and seeing the little things here and there to give thanks for and knowing that when the other messes are worked through and cleaned up there will be a beautiful story of hardships and struggling, but overcoming and love at the other end. This Holiday Season, no matter where you are in your life, try to be present there, that's what I'm gonna do. Whether it's in the mess or on the other side, know that God is working everything out for your good if you seek Him in the small, everyday things...the warm cup of coffee on a cold morning, the unexpected hug from your pre-teen, the way the sunlight reflects down on the book you are reading...stop and give a simple thanks for these things and your eyes will begin to see things the way we're supposed to, the way God would have us, through the lens of thanksgiving and love. When we do, we'll see that it's a beautiful life.

Much love, friends!

Look for the beauty, it's all around!

x. Minorcan Mama

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